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I grew up making images - drawing, painting, printmaking. And I have always loved stories. I have created these images to tell simple stories about elemental aspects of life: finding joy in transitory beauty, peace in nature, the pleasures of relationships. Companion animals as well as wild ones are the characters that explore these themes.

I love the design aesthetics of both the Art Nouveau and the Arts and Crafts movements and of Japanese block prints. I am also influenced by the local landscape and by natural events - the winter of the Great Gray Owl irruption for example - and find ways of incorporating these natural occurrences to tell small stories of life's chances and wonders and mysteries.

Greeting cards and signed, matted prints are available for purchase. Follow the links to my Etsy retail site or to my wholesale gallery. Wholesale buyers may view the entire range of cards and prints and can download my pricing structure and order form.

These greeting cards have been chosen as one of Stationery Trends magazine's "Fresh Picks" (Summer, 2014).

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